Covert Monitoring

Providing our Clients with the best 24/7 Exterior Perimeter live feed Video Surveillance.

Why is Covert Monitoring the preferred choice?

In our quest to secure the safety of our Families, Homes, Businesses & Investments we have resorted to Technology like Home / Commercial Alarms that may consist of door & window contact sensors with an Arm / Disarm code keypad, Camera systems are now the best choice in conjunction with alarm systems but yet we still see the effects of crime. As criminals become more brazen with the acts, they commit we the law-abiding citizens have to seek an even more Pro-active approach to trump the security measures we have already exhausted.

What happens as a victim of crime?

A few years back we invested in an alarm system, we recently got some new cameras installed in & around the house, nice middle-class neighborhood, good neighbors really decent people, did I mention new camera system ………….

Out one evening with some friends , lovely evening I might add , the wife had an amazing time since it’s been a while we’ve been out socially we arrived home shortly after midnight , opened the gate & entered our residence as we exited the car I was confronted by two masked gun men ……… Shocked & scared we were ordered to unlock the front door I was so nervous I could not get the code right to disarm the system , fortunately the alarm company called but unfortunately for us one of the men had a gun to my wife’s head the other assailant had a gun to my head , I was ordered to answer the phone and told when asked if we at the residence were safe & ok to answer “YES” and play it off as if I was a bit tipsy and got the code wrong mistakenly , I have to applaud the alarm company for asking if we needed an alarm response dispatched to the residence ,but my only option was to reply “NO” it’s fine that won’t be necessary, because of the situation & not wanting anything to happen to my wife or myself I even went to the extent to

tell the alarm response employee I am going to bed now so by the time you arrive I may be asleep by then as I sarcastically tittered …………. Needless to say, all this was caught on the new camera system we installed, notifications & footage on my phone but truthfully, What Did It Prevent? NOTHING! WE GOT ROBBED & NO SUSPECTS CAUGHT!

Covert Monitoring took the BEST approach to Pro-active Crime Prevention & tailored our ‘24/7 Exterior Perimeter Monitoring Service’ where we have implemented the latest in C.C.T.V. hardware & advanced software. Our Monitoring Service allows us to detect Crime form its earliest stages which gives Covert Monitoring the edge in Deterring or apprehending Criminals as they attempt to victimize you.

“Covert Monitoring is always watching out for our clients especially when they can’t.”

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